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on language.


cissexism : The assumption that a cis person’s gender is more authentic, natural or desirable than a trans person’s gender; the belief that a person’s assigned-at-birth gender is always their real gender. For example: treating a trans woman as “really a man.”

transphobia : A prejudiced or bigoted hatred of trans people or anyone who violates gender norms; the institutional system resulting from this bias. Cis people can also experience gender policing and gender-based violence.

binarism  : The belief that there are only two genders; the erasure of non-binary people. Connected to cissexism, but distinct. (Some trans women and men can be very binarist!)

cissexualism  : The belief that transsexual body modification is wrong, unnatural or “gross.” Even some trans folks can be guilty of this. I’m not sure what the opposite (morally condemning a trans people who does not medically-transition) would be called, but it exists too!

trans-misogyny  : The hatred of trans women; the fear of femininity/femaleness when expressed by MAAB people. For example: when someone makes fun of a MAAB person for wearing a purse, it is both transphobic and misogynistic.

cis privilege : Never having to face discrimination or violence because your gender varies from what you were assigned-at-birth. For example: cis people are not required to provide proof in order to have their documents display their correct gender. Thus (if they are documented citizens), they are able to enter bars, sign up for a bank account, cross borders, and apply for jobs without worrying about transphobic harassment.

passing privilege : The temporary privilege that some trans people are able to receive if the people around them assume they are cis. Some trans folks have this more than others, and it plays a big role in who faces the greatest levels of violence and discrimination. (Note: It is transphobic to imply that a trans woman is “passing as a woman.” She is a woman… what you probably mean to say is that she is “passing as a cis woman.”)

cis-centrism or cis-supremacy : The social system that ensures cis people have privilege and power over trans people by perpetuating cissexist beliefs. For example: When cis doctors, psychiatrists, feminists, politicians, lawyers, queer theorists and religious leaders define what a trans person is or is not.

gender self-determination : The ability to figure out who we are and what makes us comfortable, and to make autonomous decisions about our bodies, without facing criminalization, discrimination, degradation, poverty or violence.

trans liberation : The movement to collectively improve the living conditions of people who are marginalized by cis-centrism and create a world in which gender self-determination is true for everyone.


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