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Bailey is a young FtM transgender. This is a clip from the TV documentary, ‘Transgender Kids.’

I really hope to be a parent of this caliber. Although I wondered about the mom’s pronoun usage.

On the one hand, this is great because it’s spreading awareness. On the other hand:

1) What’s with the creepy music? This is not a clip about a murder. This is a clip about a child being parented in a way that shows hir that they truly love hir, for who ze is. 

2) Why is the only publicity about trans* kids the old “I play with trucks, I never wear dresses, ergo I am a boy” garbage. Sure, that might be true for some people, but you know what? It isn’t for a lot of us, and it’s harmful to cisgender kids and transgender kids who receive these messages that boys play with trucks, when there may well be a small cisgender boy watching who does not play with trucks, prefers dolls, but is a boy nonetheless, or a trans* kid who isn’t sure that she’s trans*, because she does like trucks and sports. I’m tired of this “in order to have people accept transgender people, we have to reinforce harmful sexist stereotypes” nonsense. We don’t have to perpetuate one oppression in order to help stop another.

3) Is it really that fucking hard for the narrator to say “he”? I mean, really?! The mom says “he” except when ze’s talking to the hairdresser or about the kid before he started transitioning. The child clearly says that he’s a boy. USE THE PRONOUN “HE”.

I was getting really irritated to hear the narrator’s repeated use of “she” as well.  5 years living as a boy isn’t enough to warrant a simple change of pronouns for a television viewing audience?  What does that say about the kid being portrayed to those unfamiliar with the concept of trans* identities?

“You might say you’re a boy, but really, we all know what you truly are.”


That said, the mother’s and sister’s reactions were worth a watch.  

And now I want his haircut.

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